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We help you leverage machine learning solutions quickly and efficiently

84% of companies that use AI do so to develop a competitive advantage. Kantify combines a management expertise with a recognized AI expertise in order to help its clients convert a business objective into a AI solution that delivers results, quickly. Kantify develops AI solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our clients combine the recognized power of our AI models with their own data sources, or in some cases, other external data sources.
Find use cases
Kantify delivers tailor-made Artificial Intelligence solutions that deal with the specificities and challenges that make your company unique. We work with companies both new and experienced to AI.
State of the art
The algorithms we build are amongst the world's best - we have proven results that are used both by Fortune 100 conglomerates and exciting scale-ups. In other words: you get a competitive advantage thanks to the best technologies.
Ready to Implement
Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are easy to use and implement in your organization: you'll be able to benefit from the solutions without delay. We create our solutions in close collaboration with you so they can be easily and quickly embedded in your business processes.
Bridging Science and Business
Kantify develops AI based solutions with one obsession: that they serve our clients' business objectives, and generate lasting value in a minimal timeframe. Whether our clients start with a Proof of Concept or a deployment, we guarantee not only scientific excellence, but also business excellence.
Our focus
The industries in which our clients operate
Chemical Industry
Machine learning and AI in the chemical industry
Consumer Products
Machine learning and AI in Consumer Products
Financial Services
Machine learning and AI in financial services
Machine learning and AI in the healthcare industry
Machine learning and AI in logistics
Non Governmental Organizations
Machine Learning and AI for NGOs
Machine learning and AI in retail
Machine learning and AI in technology
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Mon Dec 09 2019
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Atrial Fibrillation, a cardiac disease affecting 2% of the world population, can now be predicted.
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