About Us

Kantify is a consultancy company with one core mission: Create Artificial Intelligence-powered software solutions that help our customers solve some of their most critical business challenges. To do so, we use Machine Learning: a branch of Artificial Intelligence that works by using data to train mathematical algorithms to perform complex tasks, such as predictions, recommendations, anomaly detection, and much more.

Our team is comprised of experts in the field of Machine Learning, software developers, and business analysts. While our headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, our team is fully remote and is located throughout Europe.

Our customers range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and are located throughout the world. They are active in a variety of sectors, ranging the medical and pharmaceutical sector, software, services, infrastructure, commodities, and many more.

Our services are primarily focused around solving complex challenges using Machine Learning. We help our customers structure their approach to Machine Learning through Roadmaps, validate that their problem can be solved through Proof of Values, and structurally solve their problems by developing custom software solutions.

What our customers say

Stefan Costeur Head of Innovation Lab SNCB-NMBS In record time, Kantify developed an excellent AI-powered solution while ensuring an optimal level of communication with all internal and external partners. We could not be more satisfied with our AI partner choice.
Jean-Louis van Houwe CEO Monizze Kantify fully delivers on its promise. Throughout the AI solution development, Kantify clearly communicated and explained the technology choices to be made. This enabled us to make the right decisions.
Liane Santenero Strategy Manager Bank BNP Paribas Germany Kantify delivered to our Group a clear, value-driven and actionable AI roadmap. We could not be more satisfied by the expertise of the Kantify team. We recommend Kantify without any hesitation.
Kurt Ghijsbrecht Sales Director Sodexo Benefits & Rewards The work delivered by Kantify was above expectations, both in terms of quality and speed. They brought us tremendous value.

Why work with (or for) Kantify

Work that is Mission critical

We implement AI solutions that are essential for the operational success of our clients. This means we work on projects that have a real impact, that solve a core problem for our customers, and that have a tangible and lasting impact. When we speak of impact, we think in years, not in months.

A pragmatic approach

We have a hands-on, result oriented approach. We design projects so they can deliver results quickly: as such, when we speak of solutions, we think in weeks, not in years.

Tailor Made

Specific data and strategy means specific needs. We excel at translating a business need into an AI solution. While the solutions we make are always adapted to the specific needs of our customers, we do not re-invent the wheel - we apply best practices and build on years of experience to ensure we can focus all our efforts on the specificities of our customer.

What our founders say

Ségolène Martin CEO Kantify Our clients and partners trust us for mission-critical Artificial Intelligence projects that support their strategy.
Nik Subramanian CTO Kantify Since our start, we have always valued autonomy, reliability, and "working smart". This has allowed us to attract team members who value impact, transparency, and ownership.

What we care about

It is all about people

Technology is about humans and human uptake. We care about our end-users, our employees and those we work with. We care about building trust-based relationships and long-term partnerships.

Reliability is a must

We can rely on each other and our clients can rely on us. We keep our deadlines and we focus on results. We love helping organizations reach out for success and do everything in a spirit of transparency, trust, and confidentiality.

Humour is bliss

What matters is not only the result, but also the journey! We enjoy the work we do, and we have fun doing it. We like bringing a positive atmosphere in our work environment, and making people feel good.

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