Thu 19 Sep 2019
Case Study: Amazon, Customer Retention and AI
We analyze Amazon's customer retention success story, and share business lessions on how the use of AI in sales and marketing can improve customer experience
Tue 10 Sep 2019
15 ways AI can help customer experience
We explain 15 ways in which AI can lead to intelligent, informed and smarter Customer Experience Management
Tue 27 Aug 2019
The value of retaining the right customers
Find out why customer retention and loyalty are so valuable, anticipate challenges in improving retention and know how to calculate the value of your customer
Mon 26 Aug 2019
Predicting Churn with Machine Learning
Predicting churn with Machine Learning: the essential steps in terms of data collection, machine learning techniques, and evaluation
Tue 06 Aug 2019
Hyperpersonalized marketing, and how it creates value
Hyperpersonalization of marketing has now become a trend. Read how it works and how companies can leverage it to create value
Mon 08 Jul 2019
Why companies increasingly use AI for their forecasts
One of our experts explains how AI changes the forecasting scene, comparing traditional methods to AI methods
Thu 25 Apr 2019
What you should know before your first AI project
A guideline of the most important aspects executives need to think about before implementing AI
Sun 14 Apr 2019
4 ways AI creates opportunities in companies
There is no single way in which AI brings value, which can make it hard for companies to choose how they will implement AI
Sun 20 Jan 2019
What Is Churn?
Customer churn measures the number of clients who discontinue a service or stop buying products in a given time period
Sun 20 Jan 2019
Identifying and tackling the challenges of Machine Learning
One of our experts explains you how to identify and tackle common challenges within Machine Learning
Mon 05 Nov 2018
Customer retention and deciding how to spend your money
Discover a simple way of measuring whether it is worth spending your money on preventing churn and retaining your customers
Wed 06 Jun 2018
Pricing is hard - but AI can make it easier
We take a look at how to apply these AI techniques within your company in order to reap the benefits of pricing algorithms