Use Cases

Invoice parsing with AI

Detect, classify and extract information from any type of invoices with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Extracting information from invoices is a time-consuming process, where most people spend time doing it by hand. It is also a hard process since different invoices have different structure and order.


Many of the traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies developed to extract content from invoices are not optimal. They are trained to recognize data (for example a VAT number) on specific templates or formats of documents. Each time the format changes, the solution is lost.

This is why Kantify has developed Fyn, an AI solution to automatically detect and classify fields from invoices, regardless of their template, format, or language.

Fyn is a real accounting assistant that enables accountants and bookkeeping professionals to dedicate time to other activities.



Traditional solutions fail at recognizing new invoice templates or template variations, our solution. Fyn can understand any invoice format with high accuracy. Because it does not rely on rules and templates. Accountants will finally be able to forget about the pain of endless double-checking. With Fyn you can increase efficiency and productivity, but in less time and with reduced errors. Also, Fyn can recognize more fields than traditional solutions and directly encode them into a standard format.


Fyn is very fast It will drastically reduce the time of manually processing a single invoice, leaving more time for higher priority tasks. With Fyn there is no (or little) human double-checking needed, and it works almost in real-time. This means that the solution will not be blocked or slowed by high volumes of documents. any language

Fyn works in several languages. The solution works with the same level of accuracy and speed regardless of the invoice language.


AI can drastically improve the way businesses are dealing with their accounts payable.

If you wish to discover more about our invoice parsing solution, visit Fyn’s website. Or just leave us a message, and we will help you discover how you can use AI for invoice parsing.