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For organizations with targeted AI needs. We develop highly performing AI solutions. Our solutions are well built and deliver fast results.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Our focus is to develop applied AI solutions, which means AI solutions that are designed to be implemented and used in the real world, not only in the lab. Here is how:

  • Build for a purpose : Our solutions are designed while taking into account their final use;

  • Fast delivery : We deliver fast and highly qualitative solutions with an agile methodology;

  • State-of-the art : We use reliable and modern technologies and do not reinvent the wheel.

Reliable AI solutions

We deploy AI solutions in production and make sure the solutions are fit for the future. Our solutions are :

  • Scalable : They are designed to be able to scale automatically or accept new sources of data. The solution will evolve based on our clients’ needs

  • Explainable : the predictions of the models are made to be understandable to humans. No Black Box, only hand-in-hand collaboration with your users.

  • Secured and privacy focused : We have policies and tools at every step to guarantee that our AI solutions are safe. This is a must in a world where privacy and security are a must.

  • Monitored : Have you ever heard about model drift? This is when a model loses in performance over time. Our solutions are designed so model performance is monitored and the users can rely on the solution.

AI Solutions Components

  • Data : We can use internal data and external data sources. We have experience in working with several data formats.

  • Cloud Hosting : Kantify is a Microsoft Partner so our clients can enjoy a seamless deployment on the Azure cloud. Our team has experience with other cloud providers, too ( AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean).

  • Data Pipelines : We build data pipelines, sometimes with a large variety of data sources. Data pipelines consist in automatically transforming data sources so they can be understood from the model.

  • APIs : APIs Application program interfaces. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. They are used to integrate our solution with our solution. We specialize in secured RESTful APIs.

  • Web apps: when visualization is needed, we build dashboards for your users. Our dashboards are intuitive and easy to use.


Our team has expertise in the following technologies:

  • Machine learning & Data science: Pytorch, Numpy, Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, Pandas

  • Web tech: NodeJS, ReactJS

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis

  • Big Data: Hadoop & Spark

  • Containers & Deployment: Docker & Kubernetes

  • Devops: Git, CI

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Digitalocean, Google Cloud

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