For organizations considering to get started with AI. We help you choose the most value driving applications for your business in function of your data.

What is an AI Roadmap

Some businesses think about AI but do not know where to start.

Through fast-track projects, we guide them to:

  • A practical plan : We identify the best practical path for the next 2-3 years.
  • A valuable plan : We focus on how to generate value for your business and your staff.

Understand where to use AI

Use case listing

We list and imagine possible Use Cases for you, and the related business models. By Use Case you should understand Way of using AI for a specific purpose. We identify what is the best way to start, bearing in mind the mid-term scenarios.

Value estimation

We estimate what can be the value generation from these Use Cases. Value can be understood as monetary value, but not only. Here we dive into your business specifics so your Roadmap is used to serve your objectives.

People focus

A good AI project is nothing without the right people supporting it. We closely collaborate with your team. We identify how best to implement AI in your business given your most essential resources : your staff.

Understand how to use AI

Data due diligence

We run a detailed analysis of your data sources and your data governance to understand what is the state of your data. We identify gaps and opportunities.

Risk mapping

We evaluate any risks or challenges that can arise from the Use Case. The risks can be technical or even regulatory. We ensure we think about them from the early start, so they are mitigated.

Project mapping

We define how to implement the Use Cases in practice. We define a detailed project plan that you can use to get started immediately, either with us, either with your teams.

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They recommend us

We had Kantify visit us to present and moderate a workshop on Artificial Intelligence, its applications, and potentials for our business. It was a great event, demystifying the big topic of AI and producing highly tangible ideas for our business.”

Peterson & Control Union, Global Logistics operator.