Discover how to translate your business vision or challenges with an AI action plan.

What is an AI Roadmap

Some businesses think about using AI but do not know where to start, or need some expertise to stop being AI experimenters and start deploying AI at scale. To enable them to go to the next level, we co-create together a technical roadmap: the best operational plan to tackle your challenge.

Components of a roadmap

Depending on the needs of our clients, we propose the following options:

  • Use case prioritization : We list and imagine possible Use Cases for our clients’ and related business models. Use Cases should be understood as ways of using AI for a specific purpose. We identify what is the best way to start, bearing in mind business, regulatory and technical constraints.

  • Business value estimation : We estimate what can be the value generation from a specific AI application. The value can not only be translated into monetary value (economies of scale, automation, generation of additional revenue) but also in terms of development of a new competitive advantage (increase of quality, improvement of customer satisfaction, development of a unique feature) .

  • Data due diligence: We perform a detailed analysis of your data sources and your data governance to understand what is the state of your data. We identify gaps and opportunities to anticipate the needs in terms of data engineering.

  • Constraint mapping: We evaluate any risks or challenges that can arise from our clients’ projects. These constraints can be technical (eg. model embeddability) or even regulatory. Thinking about them early simply enables us to mitigate them and go into the right direction from the start.

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